Causes of rapid tire wear

all-weather tires

Your car tires will wear over time and that is just normal. The wear can however be more rapid than it should be, which can be concerning, and the reason then should be checked. If you drive very long distances, the wear will happen over shorter time, as it is dependent on the distance covered. If the tires have high rolling resistance, the wear will be more rapid, and your car will also consume more fuel. High rolling resistance can be inherent, which is the case when you purchase cheap tires of low quality, then you have to take that into consideration that you pay less, but they will also not last as long and that you might spend more on fuel. Your overall safety is probably compromised.

If you have an electric car or hybrid, then you will need to check that the tires are recommended for use on electric vehicles. The wear is higher for electric vehicles, so you will need to take this into consideration. You also need to rotate the tires, as that can extend the life by as much as 50%.

For all-weather tires that are used all year round, then the wear will be higher as you drive the whole year with the same set, and you are not using a second set of winter tires for part of the year. This is why it is important to also here rotate the tires when there is a difference in wear between the front and the rear tires that is bigger than 5/64 inches, so that the tires will wear equally so that you can change all four tires at the same time.

Your driving style will also impact the tire wear, where a calm style leads to a lower tire wear versus an aggressive driving style.

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