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How to Select Your First Car

Many Filipinos have experienced commuting to work or school through public transportation, where there is a massive crowd. Many people who are growing tired of riding jam-packed vehicles see the benefits of owning a car. Hence, leading to a decision to learn how to drive, get a driver’s license, and avail their vehicle. 


Much of the time, first-time car buyers have a difficult time deciding which car to get, with some eyeing brand new cars, the best-selling car, or the trending car model. However, it is not always wise to follow trends. Instead, it is better to consider different factors when getting a car. 


Accordingly, your budget and needs are two of the things you should consider when selecting a car. Choose a vehicle depending on how passengers you would have, the utility, and the driving environment. You can also consider checking the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, drive system, and safety features. You can select a sedan or hatchback car instead of a pickup truck in the scenario where you do not need to carry loads of things or materials.


Cars can be a costly purchase and investment. It will be better to choose one that suits your budget. Cheaper vehicles in the market do not necessarily mean lower quality cars and engines. There are budget-friendly car models that can provide the same performance as those that have higher price tags. 


In case your budget cannot afford a brand-new car, you may opt to buy a second-hand vehicle as it is cheaper than brand new ones. Or in the scenario that the model you are dreaming of has already been phased-out of the market, buying a second-hand car can allow you to get it. However, it would be best to consider the car’s age and the engine’s condition when purchasing a used car. 


Consequently, it would help if you considered the insurance cost when selecting a car. Insurance costs depend on car models and whether it is brand new or used. Car insurance comparison Philippines is a vital step before getting an insurance policy for your vehicle. 


Consider getting car insurance in Cubao if you live in the area to get easy access to your insurance company. Your insurance policy can provide financial protection in case your car gets damaged during an accident. 


Choosing a car does not end with selecting the type of car you would like to purchase. Instead, it continues with different factors, such as your budget, needs, and car insurance policies. This infographic of iChoose.PH lists what you should consider when selecting your first car.