Things to Know About Singapore Pools Football Opening Odds

Singapore Pools Football Opening Odds

Understanding the difference  between Singapore Pools football opening odds and closing odds is absolutely important if you want to increase your chances of winning  big at betting.  When you know the right way to calculate the expected value of a bet,  you will be able to find bets with the best value, something which is very important in both the short and the long term.

So what are football opening odds? These are the first odds that are released by the betting company. These odds are usually released  around a week before the time that the match is supposed to begin,  and are usually based on the information that is currently available to the bookies.  Betting companies usually calculate the opening odds based on much the same information that is also available to you. It is important to remember that as time goes by, other factors can cause bookmarkers to adjust the odds so that they are in line with the new developments that have taken place.

Things such as a key player being ruled out with injury or illness or a sudden change of a club manager are examples of incidences that may cause odds to be altered from how they stood initially.  The betting companies are able to call upon the employees that they hired specifically to keep ahead of all the information that they have access to in order to ensure that the odds are as accurate as they can be.

Unlike Singapore Pools football opening odds that are offered days or eve a week before the match begins, closing odds are offered  by the betting company just before a match begins.  These are the odds that have factored in all the information that has risen between the releases of the opening odds and start of the match.

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