There are items that you should keep inside your vehicle if you want to have a safe journey or if you want to prevent hassle while on the road. Bringing a toolbox can also help in your safety as a driver. A bottle of water, for instance, can be essential if your car suddenly overheats. However, regular maintenance is key to a well-conditioned vehicle.

A dead battery can take you by surprise, so don’t rely on a good Samaritan to supply jumper cables. Especially during winter, there is a chance that your battery might die, and bringing jumper cables can undoubtedly keep your car running again. Great for everything from temporary auto repairs to roadside first aid, duct tape is a no-brainer.

For health and safety, you should also have a first aid kit in your glove compartment. A couple of bottles of water can save your life when you’re stranded and facing dehydration. Make sure the bottles are sturdy enough to withstand both extreme heat and freezing conditions.

Now that the world is still suffering from a pandemic, you should also have items essential during the COVID pandemic. If you want to know what these items are, you can check this car window tint Ontario CA infographic from Global Tint.