First Bike

Purchasing your first bike can be a big step in life, but choosing the right one is not something to be taken lightly. With thousands of new bikes on the market each year, there are thousands of choices from which to choose. Many people will spend hours reading reviews from magazines and websites before making their final decision, but you should really not do this! Taking the time to read a review from a website or magazine will allow you to see the positive as well as the negative of a particular bike, and you can then decide if it is the right bike for you.

When purchasing your first bike you have a few important decisions to make – how much you will pay, what kind of bike you want (regular, hardtail or dual suspension), do you want hard or front wheels, do you want automatic or manual transmissions, and do you want leather or plastic seats? All these decisions will also impact your final choice, and what should be most important is that your new bike must be comfortable, safe, and “bikey”. A happy customer appreciates a bike that feels good and comfortable riding on. So when you’re shopping for your first bike, start by reading some reviews, getting a feel for what style you prefer, and then making your selection based on those criteria.

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