Soccer Betting Guide: How to Win in the BTTS Market

Soccer Betting Guide: How to Win in the BTTS Market – Infographic


While betting on sports can be fun, it can be difficult to win when you place simple money line bets or in more complicated markets. The Both Teams To Score market or BTTS is known as a beginner-friendly market that allows bettors to guess whether either team will simply score a goal.


The BTTS market is a great place to bet for novice and seasoned bettors in soccer betting Singapore pools. It’s easy to win, and it can be used for parlays. Local sports bettors can use parlays in Singapore or Malaysia to stack the low odds BTTS market and win big. Although the market is simple and easy to win, it can be difficult for bettors to win if they don’t know whether to place a bet “yes” (or “no”) or “yes”.


BTTS betting can be available until the end of the match. However, it can be won within a few minutes if either team scores an early goal. BTTS bets are almost exclusively associated with soccer and are one the most popular betting options.


BTTS betting has the added advantage of having much information available to help you make your selection. All factors should be considered, including goals scored, clean sheets, lines, head-to-head records, and current form.


It is also essential to do your research before placing your BTTS bet in the football betting Singapore Pools. Another tip to help bettors win in the BTTS market is to check the latest news. They should be updated with the latest match results and reports to know whether teams will continue scoring in matches. A team may have started to improve their defense in the last game, or a low-scoring team may suddenly be able to score more goals than in their past games.

For more details about winning in the BTTS market, here is an infographic provided by CM2Bet.

Soccer Betting Guide: How to Win in the BTTS Market