Different Types of Window Tint

A window tint is a thin film utilized for darkening a vehicle’s pane. This lamination’s primary purpose is to block UV (Ultraviolet) rays. This causes skin cancer; hence, it is vital to utilize something to prevent it from entering too much inside the vehicle. The material’s versatility is also helpful for enhancing the automobile’s privacy, diminishing interior heat, and boosting the car’s appearance.

All these conveniences are the fundamental purpose as to why numerous car owners acquire such material. It is now becoming more and more popular in the market. With its growing demand, some companies sell cheap window tint products and vile services. Thus, individuals must guarantee they purchase high-quality material that serves its primary objective. Car tinting in Fullerton CA, is one of the widespread companies offering excellent window film products and services. They are well-known for their first-rate tint and amenities.

Some of the customary films they offer and are known to many are:


This type of car hue incorporates several coatings of dyed film. It is the cheapest of all sorts, absorbing sunlight and attempting to saturate it. Nevertheless, unlike other sorts, it does not have the same level of UV protection. This affordable material only has confined block heat. Additionally, it bubbles up and fades after being excessively exposed to sunlight.


This is one of the best in hindering UV rays. It is possible because it consists of carbon fiber particles that do not fade instantly. It has an aesthetical façade with its matte finish, making the car look new and affluent. Carbon film can also raise the car’s internal temperature by 40%. 

Its powerful insulating, durable, and sophisticated features are the reason why it is expensive than other products.


It is the combination of both dyes and thin metals (titanium) components. These materials are beneficial because it reduces harmful features of dyed and metalized tinting alone. It lessens radio interference and does not have a mirror-like part. Apart from that, it is much more inexpensive than metalized ones.

These are the most common types of window tint known to numerous car owners.

Individuals must learn all these differences before purchasing since through knowledge, they will know what they need the most more than what they want. 

See the infographic below, created and designed by the distinguished window tinting Orange County firm, OC Tintz, to learn how to choose the best car window tint for your vehicle: