Select the right tyres for electrical cars and big enough tyres for an SUV

SUV summer tyres

Electrical and hybrid vehicles are great as you can reduce or eliminate the need for gasoline and contribute to a better environment with lower CO2 emissions. When you have an electric vehicle you have less flexibility as you are totally dependent on that your batteries are charged, while a hybrid combine the versatility of a combustion engine with the cleaner and cheaper energy of an electrical car with the ability to use fuel when needed and once you are out of battery. You can then also combine, so one is used where it performs better and then the other can take over. The batteries can also be charged when you use the combustion engine to power the vehicle. This seamless transition between the electrical and petrol motor, has made the hybrids very attractive.

The fact that the fuel consumption is lower, is of course a major contributor to the popularity of these vehicle. If you get one of the new popular SUVs, they have better safety performance versus normal cars, but if you choose between a normal and a hybrid SUV, then fuel efficiency and environmental impact will be some of the key reasons for choosing a hybrid or electrical vehicle.

To make sure that you keep the costs down, you also need to put some high-quality tyres on it. If you have got an SUV, then you will need to make sure that you get the right dimension for an SUV and then you need SUV summer tyres or SUV winter tyres depending on the season, or then you go for a set of SUV all-weather tyres, which can be used all year round. You need to make sure that they are wear resistant tyres with low rolling resistance. The tyres wear a bit quicker for the hybrid SUVs due to the extra weight of the battery packs. If you don’t factor in the extra weight and chose a cheaper tyre, you might end up with costly tyre expenses, as you will have to change tyres very often. Tyres for hybrids and electrical cars need to be recommended for this use.

Rotation of the tyres becomes important so it is good to steadily monitor the tread depth of the tyres and also if there is a big difference between front tyres and rear tyres. When there is a difference of a few millimeters, then you need to rotate the tyres. With proper rotation you should be able to extend the life with more than 50%.

In addition to having a safe car with low fuel consumption, you should also make sure to check the tyre pressure. Low tyre pressure can be damaging for the tyres. It should be checked to see that you are in the correct level that the owner’s manual recommends. With low tyre pressure also comes increased wear, which we have already mentioned could be a problem. You also have a higher rolling resistance it means that you get shorter distance with both the fuel and the battery power. Make sure to keep the tyres properly inflated.

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