Choosing the correct car window tint percentage is essential in protecting an individual’s vehicle. A car owner must know the right amount of tint for their vehicle. They may consult a professional for help, but it is much better to have awareness about it. There are several options available for Bristol window tinting. It can be for increasing privacy and security or improving comfortability and protection against sun damage. Automobilists should choose the right one that will be convenient for them.

What are the things that a car owner should know?

  1. Individuals should consider the reason why they want to get window tints.

Window tinting can be an investment made by car owners for different reasons. That is why it is 

A darker tint percentage is best if safety is your primary concern. It will give car owners more privacy and reduce natural light from entering the cab. They may find it difficult for others to see their vehicle if they have darker tints. To lessen glare, car owners should pick a hue that reduces visible light transmission (VLT). On the other hand, a lighter percentage will allow motorists to see inside their vehicle without obscuring it.

Window tints that block ultraviolet (UV) rays should be chosen if a person is looking for sun protection. They should select a tint film with higher sun blocking properties than relying on the film’s darkness. At most times, darker tints do not always mean more sun protection.

2. Different window tinting companies offer different percentage options.

  • 90% tint – This is the lightest and allows for 90% VLT. It provides decent sun protection, despite allowing more visible light to penetrate.
  • 70% tint – It is another option if you prefer a lighter shade but with better sun protection. This tint type blocks around 30% of visible light.
  • 50% tint – It blocks half the visible light and the sun’s ultraviolet from the windows. This percentage can also reduce glare and improve comfort while driving.
  • 35% tint – This tint percentage is one of the most popular. It is darker than the other three, but you can still see through the windows. Moreover, this shade gives the vehicle a stylish and sleek look.
  • 20% tint – This tint percentage is excellent if a person wants to increase their privacy in their car.
  • 5% tint – It is the darkest option on the market. It is mainly utilized on private cars or limousines’ back windows. In some countries, window tinting may be illegal.

These are a few things a car owner should contemplate before they purchase and install a car window tint. Awareness of this material will be suitable for the car owner. It will reduce inaccuracies and additional expenses.

See the infographic below created and designed by the well-known car window tinting in Bristol, Global Tint UK, to learn more about how to choose the exact window tint percentage correctly:

car window tint