The Basics of 4D Toto

Many gamblers play 4D online in Malaysia and Singapore. If you are one of those players or want to venture into it, this guide will walk you through the basics of 4D toto and how you can bet wisely. 

What is 4D Toto?

The game allows punters to select a 4-digit combination ranging from 0000 to 9999, and the jackpot prize is given to the punter who guesses all the numbers correctly. A draw is conducted to select the winning numbers for each round. 

Placing Bets

  1. Ordinary Entry – You choose six numbers between 1 to 49. If your six digits are selected, you win the jackpot. Conversely, you can opt for Quick Pick, where a computer generates random numbers for you.
  2. System Entry – Players can choose up to 12 numbers rather than the standard six digits, which helps improve their chances of getting the winning ones. The prices for this increases accordingly. 
  3. System Roll – You pick five numbers out of 6, with the 6th being the rolling number, represented as ‘R’. This R serves as the remaining 44 numbers. 


Now that you know the fundamental of 4d online, you’re probably wondering how you can win big. Fortunately, you can try plenty of strategies to increase your winning chances. 

One of the best tactics is choosing a random number that’s difficult to guess or that not many players will select. This means avoiding dates of holidays or other special occasions so that you know that people are not taking similar combinations. 

Another good strategy is mixing odd and even numbers. Because it is rare for all six numbers to be either odd or even, players can benefit from always mixing up these digits to secure a win. 

Play 4D Toto today!

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