Use premium tires to avoid accidents

all-weather tires

A lot of car accidents could have been prevented or avoided with premium tires. Accidents can happen due to numerous of circumstances, but often speed, bad grip or insufficient braking distance are somewhat involved. If we lose control over our vehicle it is often caused by hydroplaning due to low quality or bad tires. These tires will have worse grip from the start and when it comes to bad tires they can be just worn out. Since the braking distance is dependent on how good grip you have, bad tires will automatically have a longer distance before you can get your vehicle to a full stop. Premium tires in good condition, enable you to stop faster and in shorter distance than with tires that have bad tread depth or are in bad condition.

If you use premium tires you will have a lower rolling resistance. This is regardless if you drive with all-season tires, winter tires or all-weather tires. The rolling resistance will determine they wear out so that you don’t need to replace them sooner than expected. This would increase your replacement cost. It also ensures a low fuel consumption so that your vehicle will consume less gas as you drive. Not only your safety is impacted, but also your finances, as you end up spending a lot of extra money while being less safe and be more likely to be in an accident.

You should always make sure that you maintain your premium tires and that you keep them in good condition, that includes visual inspection, monitoring the tread depth, rotate the tires and inflate them to the correct pressure.

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