Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine featured image

Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay at home and be under quarantine to practice social distancing. This means less going out, less driving, and less use for our cars. Some cars have even been stored away for the whole quarantine while some drivers use their cars to buy groceries and other supplies for their homes. While this means that our vehicles get a nice break, it could potentially lead to issues in the future if the car is not maintained. Things like deflated tires can happen, especially if a car is parked for more than a month. So how do we deal with this? Here are some ways you can keep your car in great condition during this quarantine.

First of all, learn about car oil. If you are still using your car, make sure that you have enough oil because it is important to keep your engine lubricated. However, if you have not been using the car during this time, then your oil must be replaced with fresh oil to flush out substances that are harmful to your car’s engine. Make sure that your car’s battery is charged at all times so it can start. If you will not use your car for several weeks, then disconnect the battery to prevent it from having an electrical discharge. Another way to prevent electrical discharges is by starting the car at least once a week.

You should also make sure that your lights are fully functioning.  Burnt out or defective light should be fixed immediately in accordance with traffic laws. Lastly, you should keep your car insurance Cubao up to date. Being under quarantine does not mean you are exempted from dangers on the road. If you do not have car insurance yet, then check out car insurance Philippines. To learn more about this topic, here’s an infographic from